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Hello Kiyomi Cuties!
Thank you for sharing your skincare journey with us. We know that trying out new products and introducing a new routine can be quite scary. But, we are here to share this journey with you, and hopefully, help alleviate any misconceptions you may have about Korean beauty. 
From a young age, Korean girls and boys are taught how to take care of their skin from harmful pollutants. They learn how to cleanse their face, use moisturizer, and most importantly learn how to protect their skin. In recent years, Korean beauty has become popular in the United States. The benefits of Korean skincare products can be overwhelming but not impossible. The first part to Korean skincare is to understand what it is doing for your skin. Korean beauty is focused on preventive measures. From an early age, it is instilled that prevention is more relevant than repair. 
Korean skincare is not just for one type of skin. In fact, Korean skincare products are based on sensitive skin so people with any type of skin can use these products. Every beauty product contains natural ingredients because Korean women do not believe in harsh chemicals on their bodies. The skincare regimen that is so widely adopted in Korea consists of a slew of product used daily often made from natural ingredients including but not limited to royal honey, cactus, bamboo, and pearl. Incorporating these natural ingredients into our skincare is what allows any skin type to flourish!
After learning some more about Korean beauty, hopefully, tonight you'll take a little more time on your skincare routine or to give the ingredients on your products a second look. Start your Korean beauty and skincare journey now!

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