About Us

Eliana, Founder & CEO of Kiyomi Beauty 

Kiyomi Beauty, LLC is an e-commerce business based out of Connecticut. Founded by Eliana Cardeno, a strategic planning manager, entrepreneur and model that spent two years working and living in South Korea. Eliana instantly fell in love with the innovative skincare and beauty products created in Korea and their results, and wanted to continue sharing these amazing products with others after returning stateside. She has created a company that combines her passion for skincare while bringing forward her cultural roots and sharing with others some of the tips and tricks passed down by generations before her.

“Kiyomi is a compilation of my own skincare journey, experiencing Korean skincare culture first hand, learning from local experts, and meeting with the beauty industry professionals during my stay in Seoul.” - Eliana

In the past few years Korean beauty products have been making headway in the U.S. market as the Korean beauty culture and industry preeminence has steadily crossed the Pacific. According to Kiyomi founder, Eliana Cardeno, “Korean beauty is raising the standard worldwide with innovative products, whimsical packaging and its dedication to skin care. The focus is on prevention and not repair. However, the lack the access to these products and the knowledge needed to adopt a new routine can often be challenging. Kiyomi Beauty was created to conveniently connect women to S. Korean products that are effective, ethical and innovative and empower them throughout their skincare journey.

The name, Kiyomi, directly translates to “cutie” and our logo is a symbol of affection and love in Korea. These feelings were the inspiration behind the vision, motto and box design, and are the feelings we hope you feel as a subscriber.